Umor Demivida: 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Escaped Being a flight attendant Success Tips

As a child, when asked about the goals, some of us would probably answer a flight attendant. The reason, wanted to fly around the world and serve passengers.

Even today you might still keep these ideals. If you still want to reach your goals as a flight attendant, beikut is successful tips that you qualify to be a flight attendant.

1. The first thing you need to consider before applying for a flight attendant is about your physical condition. Some airlines will have certain physical conditions such as minimum height, ideal weight and attractive appearance.

In addition, you should also pay attention to your health. A flight attendant is required to have a physical and spiritual health is good.

2. When going to attend the interview or any other test, you do not try to dress up excessively. Some of us want people to see the beauty and sexiness of the body. However, the airlines sought by not only the beauty and the beauty of the body only.

They will pay attention to the behavior and your manners. Therefore, if you want to be a stewardess, from now on, you should learn to be proper ladies mannered, friendly, and has a good personality.

3. A flight attendant will be required to have good communication skills. Therefore, if you want to be a flight attendant, you also have to learn the language bekromunikasi properly. Be careful not to talkative or stuttering during the interview.

Practice in front of the mirror by observing facial expressions and the language you use.

4. Before the interview, you should train your mental. Many prospective flight attendants who failed in the interview due to lack of confidence or wrong way to behave. In this case, the confidence is very important for you to show at the interview.

5. In addition to personality and physical condition, you will also be required to have good academic skills. If you want to be a flight attendant who succeed in the future, you should prepare yourself by learning a variety of things in the world of education. A flight attendants are required to have good English skills. Therefore, if you lack the English language skills, learning is starting now.

6. Prior accepted a flight attendant, you will undergo a series of tests, as well as academic test Psiko Test. Do not hesitate to learn from now because of good preparation will be better. Nothing wrong if you buy the book and try Psiko Test work.

7. You should seek as much information about a flight attendant. Learn a lot of things that might be very useful, such as browsing the stewardess, ask a friend already be stewardess, read the article, or others.

These things will come in handy when the academic ability test as well as interview. With a better knowledge of the world flight attendant, you would be able to master the material to be tested.